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What is google addsense ?

well..actualy google adsense for me, its very new. I know google adsense from my best friends. He told me that this is a good opportunity to have another income from internet business. Well , when the firs time i heard about this , why not ? And i think google adsense can give us another income ( what i mean "Money" & im sure you will agree with me, right ? ). Ok , after i set up what it's need , then i starts to do what my friends told me. Do you know what happens. Its was very hard & difficult , 2 month im waiting my account to be approved. Not only approval procedures that make me very sad , the rule of google adsenses its very tight. I try to surf in internet to finds a lot of information about this , but i cant find it. What i find only a lot off add that give us alot of dreams. They said that we can be reach with out working. I disagree with that opinion. Small example : you need internet investment money to run your business on internet right. After this you will need a little skills & knowledge for support you business. & all that are need money. I know it was not big money , but still its need money. And you need to work to run yur business on internet. Make blogs , sites , gets information to make your blogs or web sites up to date. The most important things are " TRUST " from your client. How to get their trust are your problems to solve it. Be honest , give a good served , than you will get their trust. Not easy right ?!. But don't be afraid ! Its part of this business. Be patient that's the key.

My advised : do not very easy to trust adds that's only give you dreams with out prove. You have to be selective to this adds if you do not want to take risk to losing your money.

Golden Key to be Succes

Golden key to be succes in this business it was very easy , but it was very hard to do. PATIENT !! Thats the golden key . It was very easy rigth . Because in this business patient it become very important things. Sometimes we get temptation to cheat. Such as you do your own click to your own google adsense adds. Why i say so becouse , i did it . Some people did it either , but what we get . You have a big risk to be bended or blocked. Yeah , your google adsense bein blocked. And there is nothing that you can do about it .

There some criteria patients that i explaned to you :

  • You have to be patient on waitting . Do you ever thing to cheat . it will cost you nothing. If you do , get ready to be block on your account. And you must start it over again. Useless rigth.

  • You have to be patient on looking all about informations of this business. Of course you have to selective all the informations. Because sometimes there ara many risk information that can couse you a risk or disadvantage.

  • You have to be patient studying all the policy from google adsense because there is the key for you to be succes. Learn it to detail. Ask for the information that you can not understand.

  • You have to be patient to maintaining your sites or blogs. Make them to be very attractive, so can invited a lot of visiters. Don forget, always follow the lates information.

  • You have to be patient to promoted your web sites or your blogs . Its become very important to make your $ increased.

  • You have to be patient to observed your account report. evaluated what adds is the most big hits n money.

For your notice : There is no money come by it self with out our efforts. Don't belive adds that only give you dreams with out proof. Ok. Here i just wanted to give you information to increase your $ income with our hosting services. All up to you . Hope you can be very wise to desided.

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