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Sharkman demonstrates how to tickle a shark - and not lose your fingers - By CLAIRE COHEN


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Cure Cancer In 60 Minutes

Leslie Stahl will interview the Washington County native, who invented a radiofrequency (RF) generator four years ago to treat cancer, and tell his story tomorrow on CBS Television's "60 Minutes."

"It has gone from a Western Pennsylvania story to a major international story with the '60 Minutes' piece," Mr. Kanzius said from his home in Sanibel Island, more

Sony PS3 Playstation


Sony: PlayStation 3 Can Help Cure Cancer

TOKYO  —  The new PlayStation 3 isn't all about entertainment.

That's the message Sony Corp. (SNE) is trying to convey in announcing that the new game consoles — as powerful as supercomputers — can help Stanford University researchers analyze complex human protein structures and perhaps find cures for cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other more

Fashion Tv


Fashion Tv best fashion tv 2008

Dsquared² is a high-end fashion label created by two Canadian brothers; Dean and Dan Catenacci (today known as Caten). They were born in 1965 as the youngest of nine children and grew up in Willow dale, Ontario. In 1991 the brothers moved to Milan, Italy to pursue their dreams of becoming fashion designers and creating their own collections. In 1995 their first Men's collection debuted, and in February 2003 they created their first women's more


Writing the world's longest pop song: Q&A with The Major Glitch's Chris Butler Posted by Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger

A decade ago, Chris Butler set out to write the world's longest pop song-- and succeeded.

His 69-minute ditty, titled "The Devil Glitch", landed in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the longest pop song in more

Auto Accessoriesautoaccesoris

EBC GD7055 - Jeep Grand Cherokee - EBC Brake Disc Rotors Set

FRONT EBC BRAKE DISC SET -- (Set Includes 2 Rotors, One Left And One Right), Drilled And Slotted Sport Rotors, Black, Dimpled Hole Construction, Wider...$ more

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When Janice Dickinson had sex in a church dressed as a nun!

ondon, Dec 4 (ANI): American supermodel Janice Dickinson has revealed that she once had sex in a church - while dressed in a nuns outfit. Dickinson said that she had sex in a church wearing a nuns dress and her sex partner was dressed up as a more



Crocodile attacks backpacker in Australia


By Nick Squires in Sydney

A backpacker in Australia got the fright of his life when a massive crocodile he was "teasing" suddenly exploded from the water and nearly sank its teeth into him.

The 16 foot-long saltwater crocodile came within an arm’s length of inflicting serious damage to the tourist, if not killing him. Novon Mashiah, 27, an Israeli backpacker, spotted the big crocodile during a fishing trip in the Northern more

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Today's photo: Naked woman in Cheney's sunglasses?

The blogosphere is buzzing over this photo of Vice President Cheney by David Bohrer of the White House.

Check out the reflection in the veep's sunglasses. What does it look like? ..... read more

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Legs placed confidently apart and arm thrust forward, the deep sea diver holds his bounty aloft, like a trophy.

Except that this is no ordinary catch.

It is a 13ft long Great White Shark, which at any moment could awaken and become a frenzied mass of razor-sharp teeth and muscle.

Sharkman, real name Mike Rutzen, has earned worldwide fame for swimming with the predators without the safety of a diving more


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A submarine is a watercraft that can operate independently underwater, as distinct from a submersible that has only limited underwater more
Navy Recruits Face a Hardship Test at the Airport
DALLAS — On Monday, Karin Peyregne was in Mobile, Ala., kissing her husband and two young sons goodbye, on her way to a base near Chicago for basic training in the Navy.
Unfortunately, she was flying on American Airlines, and connecting through the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. She joined thousands of other travelers here, and in other cities like Chicago, who were stranded as American canceled more than 3,000 flights through Friday because of maintenance inspections ordered by the Federal Aviation more